Cultivate Canada Society is a registered charity established to demonstrate and interpret the vital connections between farming, land stewardship, and community well-being; to model the economic and social possibilities for small and medium scale urban and rural agricultural and forestry projects, to address disparities in access to healthy food and the knowledge to produce it, and to nurture the human spirit through public programs, classes, and events. Sole Food Street Farms is wholly owned by Cultivate Canada, which oversees its operations and activities.

Board of Directors

Katie Blake (Chair)

Katie Blake has spent the past 20 years working for non-profit organizations toward land conservation across British Columbia. She is currently the Executive Director of Habitat Acquisition Trust in Lekwungen and WSANEC territory, or Victoria, BC. Katie is passionate about working locally to enhance community relationships to place, land and stewardship, and is honoured to serve the important work of Sole Food Street Farms on the board of Cultivate Canada Society. She’s dedicated to the social sector and the power of grassroots organizations to bring about nimble and innovative solutions to our most pressing challenges. 

Andrea Carlson

Andrea Carlson is a Michelin Star chef and owner of Burdock & Co., Bar Gobo, and Harvest Community Foods. Burdock & Co. is the first restaurant owned and operated by a female chef to receive a Michelin Star in Canada. Born and trained in British Columbia, Andrea studied organic farming and landscape design before making her mark on some of the best restaurants in Vancouver. Interconnection between food and nature is a foundation of Andera’s culinary philosophy, and she has become a driving force behind the city’s food security movement.

Peter Ladner

Peter Ladner is a retired author, columnist, politician and business owner. He is the author of The Urban Food Revolution: Changing the Way We Feed Cities and a former Fellow at the SFU Centre for Dialogue. He is chair of the BC Cycling Coalition, and a former chair of David Suzuki Foundation and Natural Step Canada. He was first elected to Vancouver City Council in 2002 and re-elected in 2005. He ran for mayor in 2008. He is a former vice chair of the Metro Vancouver board. Peter was publisher, president and part owner of the Business in Vancouver Media Group, which he co-founded in 1989. He has more than 35 years of journalistic experience in print, radio and television and has been a frequent speaker on community, transportation and food issues. Peter lives in Kitsilano with his wife Erica, where he grows a wide variety of fruits, berries and vegetables on his city lot.

Russell Precious

Educated in history and economics, Russell is passionate about where we have been and where we are going.  His passion has fueled him in his 40-year history as an activist and “ecopreneur.”  He has initiated several intentional communities and businesses all of which have been grounded in his primary interests in group collaboration, inspired leadership, and personal transformation. His core business focus has been redefining the place of food and agriculture as a grower, wholesaler, and retailer. Russell also has a keen interest in design and sustainable building practices, and he spent many years engaged with Waldorf education.

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