The Miracle of Persimmons


I have always advised beginning farmers, “Grow those crops that you like to eat, you’ll do a better job.” The persimmon requires that I amend that advice. In all honesty, I don’t particularly like the

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Growing Hope & Community


The last time I saw Rob we met him at a local coffee shop. He was wearing a pair of shorts and had a boyish haircut, and if it wasn’t for his sheer size and

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Urban Farming Challenges & Advantages


Farming in the city presents unique challenges that provide the basic context for this work. These challenges are common to every city everywhere, and they inform the work we do agriculturally. Here are what I

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Giving vs. Selling Food


It has never been our intention to give food away. When Seann and I first began meeting to discuss the Sole Food project, the ideas and goals on the table included growing the food, feeding

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The Self-Sustaining Farm


 There is a universal law of reciprocity and exchange that those of us who farm see play out in intimate detail on a daily basis. We know that we cannot treat soil like an unlimited

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Parking Space Profits


An average parking space is nine-by-eighteen feet or 162 square feet. If you are working with biologically active soils and you are reasonably skilled as a farmer, a 162 square foot parking space can produce

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