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“An inspiring how-to-guide for any urban grower who is serious about success.” – LEAH PENNIMAN, co-director, Soul Fire Farm, author, Farming While Black

“Whenever Michael Ableman sees a barrier, he runs over and kicks it in. Lucky for us, this strikingly focused anarchist writes about it too, sharing the deeply moving story of reclaiming land and building real community in the most unlikely of places, from the ground up.” – DAN BARBER, chef/co-owner, Blue Hill and Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns, author, The Third Plate

“A testament to all farmers: that our hard work has value and the food we grow and see for any reason is invaluable.”m- KAREN WASHINGTON – farmer-activist, Rise and Root Farm

“One of the handful of inspiring visionaries on the planet who are redefining our future food system.” – PATRICK HOLDEN, founding director, Sustainable Food Trust

Farm the City is an introduction to the principles, methods, and realities of starting an urban farm derived from the success of Sole Food Street Farms, one of the largest urban agricultural enterprises in North America. Covers navigating regulations and finding land, to crop planning, fundraising, marketing, and more.



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Farm The City
A Toolkit for Setting Up a Successful Urban Farm

Michael Ableman


Pub Month April 2020

ISBN 9780865719392

An essential primer from one of North America’s largest urban farms.

Urban farming has the power to change diets, economies, and lives. Yet starting an urban farm can seem daunting with skills and knowledge that extend beyond growing to include marketing, sales, employees, community relations, and navigating local regulations.

In Farm the City, Michael Ableman offers a guide to setting up and running a successful urban farm, derived from the success of Sole Food Street Farms, one of the largest urban agriculture enterprises in North America. Sole Food Street Farms spans four acres of land in Vancouver, produces 25 tons of food annually, provides meaningful work for dozens of disadvantaged people, and has improved the surrounding community in countless ways. Coverage includes:

  • Selecting land and choosing the right crops
  • Growing food in city farms, including plans for planting and harvesting
  • Fundraising and marketing strategies, philosophies, and vital information for selling fresh products
  • Navigating local government and regulations
  • Engaging the community and building meaningful livelihoods.

Farm the City is an invaluable tool kit for entrepreneurs and activists looking to create economic and social value through urban agriculture.


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